Nicky Simmons
Founder & Director

We firmly believe that the Early Years is the heartbeat of a child’s learning journey. It is our job as educators to provide strong foundations and solid building blocks so that all children are fully prepared for the next stage in their learning.

We have an expert knowledge and extensive understanding of child development and a deep desire to constantly develop ourselves and others. We continually challenge existing practices and explore and investigate new theories and strategies, offering simple solutions and expert opinion.

Our Early Years pedagogy is underpinned by very strong educational principles which we use to inspire, empower and motivate others through high quality coaching, mentoring, training and the development of time saving tools and resources.

We understand that there are not enough hours in the day, budgets are stretched to the limit and there are high demands placed on practitioners.

With this in mind we have:

  • Kept the costs for training, consultancy and resources affordable and great value for money

  • Made our professional development packages flexible, informative and inspiring, empowering you to set up and deliver exceptional Early Years practice

  • Developed a range of invaluable resources full of essential knowledge and time saving tips and ideas

Ginny Morris
Founder & Director