Before you launch into Sports days, Graduation Ceremonies and Transition activities remember there is one more special day to celebrate – Father’s Day on Sunday 18th June.

We have put together a few simple and easy to use ideas that will hopefully inspire you when you are planning for this special day.

Off by heart…with all my heart

  • Teach your children a poem that they can share with their dad either at home or at a time when you invite dads to celebrate with their children.

My daddy is so special

He’s brave and strong and smart!

That is why I love him so

With all my little heart!

Funny dad!!

  • Ask your children to work in 2s or 3s. Ask the first person to draw their dad’s face at the top of the paper. Fold the paper over and ask the next child to draw the body. Fold again and ask the third child to draw the legs. Unfold the paper and look at the “dad” creations.

Know your dad

  • Create a Kid’s and Dad’s test. Ask your children a series of questions about their dads and record their answers. Ask them to take the same questions home and ask their dads the questions. How well do they know their dad? Questions could include: What is their dad’s favourite football team? What is their dad’s favourite colour/food/clothes/sport? What item of clothing do their dads put on first in the morning? Who is their dad’s best friend?

Hands and Feet

  • Ask your children to bring a shoe that belongs to their dad/grandad/uncle into the setting. Ask them to draw around it and then draw around their own shoe or foot. Use it as an opportunity for lots of maths learning e.g. How many of your shoes fit into your dad’s? How many other things fit into your dad’s shoe e.g. buttons, bricks, lolly sticks etc? Whose dad has the biggest/smallest feet? If you line up all the feet how far will they go? Can you arrange the feet to create a pattern? Ask your children to draw around their dad’s hand at home and bring it into the setting. Repeat the above ideas using hands as well as feet.

Whose dad?

  • Ask your children to bring in a photo of their dad and display them. Add photos and/or names of the children and encourage the children to match the photos of dads with the right children.

Jigsaw dads

  • Ask your children to bring in a photo of their dads that you can laminate. Cut the photo into pieces to create a jigsaw and then invite the children to recreate the photo.

‘Treat’ jar

  • Talk to your children about doing kind and special things for their dads when they are with them. Set up a “treat” jar in your setting and every time the children share something that they have done to treat their dad encourage them to put a counter or bead in the jar. How long will it take to fill the jar?

Dad’s celebration

  • Invite dads into your setting for a special celebration. Before they come ask them to think about whether they have a special skill or talent that they could share with all your children. Perhaps they can play a musical instrument, read a story, speak a foreign language or juggle.

And finally…

A really fun activity that can be done with just the children but would be even more exciting if dads are invited to take part!

Shave Like Dad

Set up a relay. ‘Dad’ sits at the end and the ‘child’ is asked to cover ‘dad’s’ face in shaving foam. Each child in the team runs up and has a go at shaving ‘dad’ with a lolly stick. Who is able to shave ‘dad’ the quickest?

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