Curriculum Development

Are you looking for bespoke professional development to help your Early Years leaders review and build their curriculum?

Through a series of regular meetings we will work alongside Early Years leaders to facilitate a review of the whole curriculum identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

We will highlight the connections between the statutory framework, OFSTED expectations and your cohort profile ensuring that your curriculum is sequential and progressive whilst also being flexible enough to respond to differing needs and contexts.

The work involves 4 steps:

  • Using our working examples we support the writing of intent, implementation and impact statements for all curriculum subjects.
  • Reviewing your long term Curriculum plan by asking key questions
  • How is the curriculum being driven e.g. bought scheme, topics, texts?
  • How do children get an opportunity to access deeper and sustained learning?
  • How does the curriculum capitalise on local opportunities?
  • Auditing your whole curriculum to check coverage and ensure that it is sequential and progressive.
  • Supporting the writing of curriculum plans.

This package can be carried out in-person or online.

Contact us to discuss your needs and we will design a package to suit your budget.