Environment Makeover (Indoors and Outside)

Why not give your Early Years environment a refresh?

This cost effective, best selling package is an innovative way of providing high quality professional development to the whole of your Early Years team.

We begin by gathering key information about your cohort and completing an initial furniture and resource audit. We then work alongside you to facilitate the design, set up and resourcing of your indoor and/or outdoor environment sharing high quality practice.

We roll up our sleeves, get stuck in and support you in:

  • Moving and arranging furniture to create areas of provision
  • Organising and displaying a base layer of resources in each area
  • Making your environment visually explicit and language rich

Contact us to discuss your needs and we will design a package to suit your budget.

“A new pair of eyes with great new ideas is what we needed. Great to have around, Nicky and Ginny are skilled, knowledgeable and very driven in order to help you succeed. They listened to what we wanted, challenged fairly and gave good advice on what works and what doesn’t based on professional experience.”