Let’s Get Counting and Be Marvellous at Maths

Based on up to date research and child development knowledge, this fast paced workshop is bursting with invaluable information and practical and engaging activities. It is designed to develop a deep understanding of the fundamental building blocks that your children need to become confident and capable mathematicians.

During this workshop we will:

  • Demonstrate how to teach the key mathematical building blocks by sharing our unique and invaluable tool that illustrates the sequence of key skills
  • Provide you with simple ideas and imaginative provocations to make maths learning irresistible for your children
  • Discuss how to set up, organise, plan for and deliver mathematical learning across your provision

“Fantastic action packed session full of engaging ideas and easy to implement in a busy classroom. A full explanation of the foundation blocks, it makes so much sense. It made the development of number much clearer and identified where we need to focus our attention more.”

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