• Are you looking for a simple assessment framework for Early Years? This Assessment handbook is an essential tool for anybody working with Pre-School and Reception aged children. It is a comprehensive downloadable document that guides you through a simple and easy to use framework.   It outlines the essential evidence that you will need to help you make informed judgements at key points during the year. It provides expected statements for each of the Early Learning Goals for easy reference at 4 Checkpoints.
  • Is your environment set up to deliver exceptional continuous provision?  Does it promote independent learning where children can explore, experiment and create?  Presented in a colourful and easy to reference format, this book will tell you everything you need to know about how to set up an irresistible environment that will inspire both adults and children. The book includes a comprehensive audit tool to help you review your resources.
  • This premium planning downloadable book is a unique comprehensive tool that outlines all Early Years curriculum subjects. Save yourself time by copying, pasting and tweaking our simple, concise examples to produce your own intent, implementation and impact statements and start building your sequential and progressive curriculum. This is available as a download.
  • This comprehensive Premium Planning book was written to provide all practitioners with:
    • an in-depth understanding of how young children develop physically and
    • how this impacts directly on their ability to control and manipulate writing tools
    Based on research and proven practice it looks in depth at the core skills of gross and fine motor development. Each chapter includes a a wealth of simple and easy to use ideas, pictures and diagrams to help you assess and plan for fantastic learning in Physical Development. Our Gross Motor Ideas Cards provide a quick reference tool to support the activities in this book. If you would prefer a hard copy, please contact us directly to order.
  • This exceptional Premium Planning Book is an essential buy for anybody working with Pre-school and Reception aged children. This has everything you will need to help you plan, target learning, keep you on track and ensure that children are ready for the next stage in their learning. This book is currently only available as a download.


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