Sustained Shared Thinking Training


Our cost effective, no fuss SST online package gives you access to high quality professional development immediately.

Access the training now and reap the benefits!

  • Accessible: Refresh experienced staff, train new staff and enhance the practice of trainees at a time to suit you
  • Repeatable: Watch again and again to reinforce your learning and practice your skills
  • Flexible: Watch individually or as a team making it easier for everybody to access the same training
  • Invaluable: Learn about how to be best practitioner within continuous provision

£135 for 6 months access.


This best selling session explores the strategy of Sustained Shared Thinking and the positive impact it can have on your teaching. Delving into the language and techniques of Sustained Shared Thinking we demonstrate how to make your interactions with children of the highest quality.

During this online session we will:

  • Delve deeper into the theory behind Sustained Shared Thinking to illustrate the impact on teaching and learning
  • Demonstrate 15 Sustained Shared Thinking exceptional teaching strategies and techniques
  • Explore the language that is unique to Sustained Shared Thinking using our original tool
  • Show you how to use Sustained Shared Thinking to model thinking and encourage children to think more deeply
  • Highlight the two hooks that will make Sustained Shared Thinking most effective

“Great training, made me re-evaluate my interactions with children. Sustained Shared Thinking was comprehensively covered with loads of great ideas to take back to the classroom. It will definitely have a positive impact on my practice. Totally inspiring!”


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