Characteristics of Effective Learning Wheel


Get to know the three Characteristics of Effective Learning really well.

Use our versatile Characteristics of Effective Learning Wheel to plan and target the key learning characteristics that will help your children become independent, confident and resilient learners.

Divided into 3 sections, this visual guide breaks down the three characteristics into simple ‘I am learning to…’ statements.

Download the PDF and print to a size that suits your setting.



Our versatile Characteristics of Effective Learning Wheel can:

  • Target the specific aspect of a characteristic you want to focus on by adding or drawing an arrow from the centre and display in each area of the provision
  • Support your judgements at Assessment Checkpoints
  • Be used as an individual record of each child’s learning behaviours by highlight the aspects they need to practise or those they have achieved
  • Ensure all adults are confident in knowing what to look for within each of the three characteristics by displaying in your environment as a poster
  • Be used as a tool to support your planning


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