The Four Listening Competencies to Support Phonics

At Morris & Simmons we passionately believe that the sooner children can develop really proficient listening skills the stronger foundations they will have from which to develop the phonic strategies that they need for Literacy. 

Hearing and listening are often seen as one skill but in fact they are distinctly different. 

Hearing is the physical act of receiving sound through the ears and sending it to the brain. It is a very passive act. 

Listening on the other hand is an active process of tuning into sound, recognising its importance, then interpreting the information in the brain and responding appropriately. 

It is these crucial listening skills that we need to equip our children with. 

They can be broken down into 4 listening competencies:

  • Auditory Discrimination 
  • Auditory Sequencing & Memory
  • Rhythm & Beat
  • Rhyme

Children need to develop skills in all these areas to help them become competent and confident readers, writers and spellers. 

Let’s outline these four competencies in more detail and consider some ideas to help you quickly get started.

If you are interested in finding out more about Listening Competencies and would like some staff training then get in touch to discuss the options.